Advanced Materials - EF3

Ano letivo: 2018-2019
Specification sheet

Specific details
course codecycle os studiesacademic semestercredits ECTSteaching language

Learning goals
This curricular unit provides the students with up to date knowledge in the field of Physics of Advanced Materials, including multifunctional materials. It aims to provide knowledge and skills relevant to research on Condensed Matter Physics, namely research skills (including the search and selection of relevant bibliography), analysis and critical reasoning. As a learning outcome, the student should be able to relate the properties of materials (structural, electric, optical, etc.) with their main technological applications.
The students will follow three out of the six following modules, chosen by the student, with the advice of his/her supervisor:

Module A: Advanced Materials for Energy Storage
Module B: Advanced Magnetic Materials
Module C: Nanomaterials
Module D: Novel Semiconductor Materials
Module E: Materials for Non-Linear Optics
Module F: Multifunctional Materials
Intermediate knowledge in Condensed Matter Physics
Generic skills to reach
. Competence to solve problems;
. Critical thinking;
. Quality concerns;
. Competence in applying theoretical knowledge in practice;
. Research skills;
. Competence in oral and written communication;
. Competence in understanding the language of other specialists;
. Competence in autonomous learning;
. Creativity;
(by decreasing order of importance)
Teaching hours per semester
tutorial guidance10
total of teaching hours20

Laboratory or field work50 %
Exam50 %

Bibliography of reference
Magnetism in Condensed Matter, S. Blundel, Oxford University Press
Magnetism I & II, Collection Grenoble Sciences, J. Bornarel
Physics of Semiconductor Devices, S.M.Sze, Wiley
Molecular non-linear optics, J. Zyss, P. Keççey, P.L Liao, Elsevier
Artigos científicos de revisão sobre os temas tratados no curso. /Scientific Papers relevant to topics addressed in this course.
Teaching method
Seminars will be supported by multimedia.
The students should perform some oriented laboratory work and develop small projects within the Physics Department research centres.
A few seminars will be performed by the students, who will have to critically analyse recent scientific articles, and present their opinion on the subject.
Resources used
Salas com projectores multimédia
Laboratórios de investigação